Heritage Rajasthan Tours

Heritage Rajasthan Tours

Bustling bazaars, preening peacocks, sloppy sand dunes, diverse wildlife - uniquely Rajasthan. The place derives its name, Rajasthan, from 'Rajah' and 'Sthana', literally meaning home of kings. The history of Rajasthan, once called Rajputana, narrates the legendary tales of valour and romance. The marvelous architecture and captivating landscape makes it an unbeatable destination on India's tourist map.

Rajasthan Tourism proves the fact that India is a land of diversities. The State represents a distinct variety in all its forms - customs, culture, music, costumes, dialects, people and cuisine. These diversities make Rajasthan the most colourful state of India.

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 Rajasthan Tour Packages

Forts and Palaces of RajasthanForts and Palaces of Rajasthan
Duration: 17 N - 18 D

Palaces of Rajasthan with Classical IndiaPalaces of Rajasthan with Classical India
Duration: 14 N - 15 D

Forts and Palaces with WildlifeForts and Palaces with Wildlife
Duration: 11 N - 12 D

Jewels of RajasthanJewels of Rajasthan
Duration: 09 N - 10 D

Colourful Rajasthan With Golden Beaches of GoaColourful Rajasthan With Golden Beaches of Goa
Duration: 14 N - 15 D

Heritage Rajasthan with MumbaiHeritage Rajasthan with Mumbai
Duration: 14 N - 15 D

 Fairs and Festivals

Rajasthan Fairs and FestivalsThe cultural merriment and the colourful hues attached to the fairs and festivals of Rajasthan have made them popular world over. Rajasthan celebrates every harvest, birth, season and religious occasion. These countless fairs and festivals are packed with fun, frolic and rituals.

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 Forts and Palaces

Rajasthan Forts and PalacesThe invincible forts and palaces in Rajasthan speak volumes about the rich architectural heritage of the state. These structures echo the tales of chivalry and heroism of yesteryears. A visit to these forts and palaces, spread throughout the desert landscape take you to a different world altogether.

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 Heritage Hotels

Rajasthan Heritage Hotels The 'Land of Kings' ­ Rajasthan is renowned world over for its heritage hotels. The state houses maximum number of Heritage Hotels in the country. Rajasthan is far famed for its royalty. The palatial structures of the Heritage Hotels reflects the love for beauty and luxury amongst the Kings and the Queens of the bygone era.

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